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Watch out .. we're coming!

We are incredibly excited, we have found our dream building - don’t be alarmed it looks quite scary - we know! This will be the biggest project we’ve taken on, but believe me it will be transformed into something magical, a place where you will want to spend your days and meet all different types of artists, feel comfortable, feel inspired! An open plan, creative community. Surrounded by like minded people.

There will be many phases and to say we aren’t petrified would be a lie, but we believe in this project, we have passion and we are open to creative ideas.

•Over 4,800 square feet! •Spaces of all different sizes •Workshop space •Spread over two floors •Parking •Affordable spaces

If you want to be a part of what we are proposing, get in contact Tell us what you would want the space for, budget and preferred size. So we can reserve you a spot and invite you to an open day once we’re ready.

Location: Bexhill Road

Thank you to Pod Vision for creating this teaser clip for us to share with you.

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