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W.Ave Arts Youth Project

It is the aim of Wave Arts to encourage the young members of the community to create forms of art within the public domain using designated sites with permission without the

need to vandalise public places or property.

This will also teach participants to respect, improve and reduce anti social behaviour in their

neighbourhood and break down barriers between all generations. This would be an

opportunity for young people to build self confidence and give the youth of today

responsibility to be leaders of their own project, having self worth and contributing to their

community. It presents opportunity to have pride and love where you live, feel listened to

because you are believed in.

The project is a way to channel young peoples’ creativity to express themselves freely in a

positive way because ‘without a place to legally paint, the illegal culture of the art form just

gets reinforced’.

There has been an increase of illegal graffiti within Bexhill. This project would be an

alternative to vandalism to enhance areas through the production of quality murals,

engaging the community of all ages. This is our first trial.

The participants will:

Plan and design a wall mural to an agreed brief.

Together learn new skills from each other and work as a team to create a mural within a

certain time scale.

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