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Lucerne Serenity

Inspiration for this project was taken from Monet - ‘Poplars on the Epte’. We felt this style, using hand painted artists suited this residential area. Working with Manager Zac Hampshire-Jones it was our utmost importance to make sure this design was right. The residents at Lucerne House then chose their most favourite design from the talented ‘Painted Ladies’ and a project was born.

The serene setting is full of trees and tranquil waters, where swans will be found, quite like the Lake Lucerne which is what Lucerne House was actually named after. The trees reflection in the waters fused by interlocking strokes. This community project has involved residents and the community that showed enthusiasm and wanted to paint. The front of the outside of the property has been painted so that this could not only be enjoyed by the residents but of the community.

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