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Disabled beach access, on its way!

W.Ave Arts is a non-profit organisation that predominantly brings free accessible art, working with and for our community to make it a better place for the next generation.

It wasn’t until we saw a post on Facebook by Patrick John Stappleton and consequently Sammy Taylor of Seaford regarding disability access to his local beach that we wanted to investigate extending the current offer to our community. In a paper release, Sammy asked ‘Don’t we all have the right to access and enjoy the beach?’ and our answer was a firm YES.

Just because we have a pebbled beach does not mean this wasn’t possible. Seaford is a shingle beach and they’ve done it. So why couldnt Bexhill? This will impact the lives of many.

Unfortunately, we live in a world that is designed mostly by people who think everyone is the same. It is not the individuals impairment that is disabling, it is society. Thus, it is society that should be ensuring that everyone has the right to enjoy all facilities without discrimination. So let’s design public spaces for all. In this case, so that everyone can enjoy and access the beach, whether with loved ones, friends or independently.

We worked alongside Sammy Taylor, Terry Byrne , RDC and Bexhill Chamber of Commerce to recreate Sammy’s successful project in Bexhill which has been tried and proven by users in Seaford for the last 2 years. The project has 2 major phases, firstly it will involve a permanent C40 strength concrete made ramp. Secondly interlocking mats will be placed down.

W.Ave Arts said ‘When you receive an email saying your grant has been accepted it makes every hour of our time put in worth it. We are so grateful to Rother District Council for seeing the need for such an impactful project’.

‘Local company Total Project Management look forward to carrying out the project knowing the benefits it will provide for the local community’

Howard Martin from Bexhill Chamber of Commerce 'We are excited to see this project finally taking shape, by working together with our community we can achieve so much'

W.Ave Arts was awarded a Discretionary Disability Grant by Rother District Council for £11,928 for the completion of the project.

Thank you to the amazing photography by Pod Vision

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