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Art event brings people together

W.Ave Arts Festival on Sunday was a success, full of colour draped through the access way, creativity spilling over walls, garages and fences.  Retro tables and chairs full  of bee bombs and Turkish fizzy orange.

The access way had a cool vibe, it was small but it was packing punch, people calling it the bohemian quarter.  It was a relaxed atmosphere where all backgrounds and ages came together and interacted with each other. This was about bringing a community together and it was definitely achieved.

W.Ave Arts Festival is part of a larger project changing the way people think, being united as a community. Conversations and interaction with local residents that would never of happened. Getting to know your neighbours and listening to their stories.

Art is about freedom of speech, it has the potential to be a powerful tool, creating a platform where people can speak - where previously they felt neglected or unheard. People feel inspired to share a message, expressing emotion, political or environmental issues. 

Artists could flourish in Bexhill where they could be commissioned to paint local bars, cafes and walls, creating open air art galleries free for the public to enjoy. 

We are an amazing town with amazing people that all contribute to our community. They say Bexhill is a sleepy town where nothing ever happens… well, they are wrong.

There is movement and we want to keep the wave going! 

Love where you live. Make a difference. 

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